Tuesday, April 28, 2015

First Encounter.

It may not be my first blog site and my first blog post ever but I am here to start anew and finally make time blogging because I do believe that this is what I do best, or maybe not. Hehehe.
Why make a new blog site? I wanna quote Francine Prieto and say “because I can” but I actually wanna explain my side and let you guys know why. Hehehe. I am just used to doing things like that, I would always redo everything if ever I feel something isn’t right about it. I thought about it for several times actually, I just don’t feel like my older site represent me anymore. I know that I have memories worth keeping there that’s why I am keeping that site for my own. I am not abandoning my older site for real, I know that I’ll go back there and reread whatever I wrote there because I love doing that as well.
So this site would be like a diary for me from now on. I’d probably post boring stuff and stuff that normalpeople wouldn’t be interested in but I’ll try my best to make it a bit interesting.
For today, I just wanna introduce myself to you guys…
My name is Lily. I tried blogging for money and not for any other reason there is for other people, I would like to say that it isn’t the deal right now anymore but that would be a lie. I am still jealous of people/bloggers that can travel and do stuff because of blogging but I would like to change my reason for this site. One day I’ll fulfill my dream of travelling the world may it be with the help of blogging or not. I am excited about it, actually.
So… let’s see. :D


Lily J.

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