Monday, November 16, 2015

Better life.

Circumstances in life thought me to be the person I am right now. Lessons ; I learned a lot of those all through out my life and I can say that it made me a much better person.

All I ever wanted before was to impress everyone around me, to make them love me, even if all I was saying to them was full of bull. I know, not a good move. But that's what my friends and people around me taught me. All I did was please them and make them happy, and I can say that I wasn't even happy and proud of the person I was before.

It caused my life. When they learned that I was just sugar coating everything about my life and that I was not the person I am pretending to be around them.... They left me. Alone. All by my self.

That caused me to be depressed. I was suicidal and all I did was cry and sleep. It was not a good year.

I am not posting this here for people to pity me. It's just a move I really wanted to do even before. I am brave enough to post it now and let everyone know about my life. Maybe someone will get to read this, maybe it can help them. Maybe.

I want everyone to know that life is not supposed to be fair. You can't sugar coat everything about it and you don't have to please everyone, you can't let their happiness go first before your very own happiness. This is your life. Be happy.

with love,
Lily J.

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