Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Here's another daiLY post from me. Where I just basically do a recap of my instagram posts.

From top to bottom.

New notebook I bought at Lucina (they're located in Ayala Mall Serin Tagaytay, ground floor). I just fell in love with this notebook that I had to have it.
Selfie, because why not?
Another selfie I took. I just love how my face is cooperating with me all of a sudden this past few days.
 Spent the day with my friends at Crosswind Tagaytay. That place is just so chill and lovely. Perfect for just chilling and all.
Side selfie. Angle is perfect, so I posted it.
Half face selfie. Love this kind of selfie, to be honest, because eyebags.
Sinigang na hipon that my sister cooked. Requested it and she actually cooked!!!
Went to Mabini, Batangas again with the family. Spent 2 days just chilling and enjoying ourselves. 
Throwback selfie. I just miss my old thin body.

with love,

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