Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Friendship Over.

Breaking up with your special someone, be it a girl or a boy, is one thing but breaking up with a friend is another.

All throughout my life, I've had many friends that I am now not friends with anymore. People told me that this is just how life is. People change, I have to accept that. But what if this time, I wanna change the equation and be the one to tell them or better yet make them feel that I don't wanna be friends with them anymore?

I've always been the understanding one. I've always been the forgiving one. Even with friends who made me look bad to other people.

So I wanna know, are there any tips for moving on with this kind of relationship? How do you guys even do it?

Earlier, I was contemplating on posting about "5 Ways to Break Up with Your Friends.", but I ended up just posting a different take and just letting my emotion get the best of me. I guess I wasn't that knowledgeable about all this stuff after all.

Please do let me know.

with love,
Lily Jeciel.

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