Wednesday, April 29, 2015

What I am currently.

DOING : Typing this blog post out of boredom.
HEARING : The sound of spoons and forks against the plates. Conversation between Ivann's sisters and mother.
DRINKING : Ice cold water.
FEELING : Uncomfortable and quite sleepy.
ANTICIPATING : Going to the beach with my friends.
WISHING : For the summer to just end so I can enjoy the cold here in Tagaytay.

I feel like posting something right now. I obviously copied this from Camie Juan of WildSpirit. I actually wish that I am at the beach right now, enjoying the sound of waves and watching random people enjoy their vacation but I am stuck here and I know I can do something about it but I am kind of lazy to take action. Hehehe.

I actually don't know where to go for my next out of town trip. My friends and I went to Puerto Galera for the Holy Week and all we did was island hop and sleep because on our second day there, it rained and we all know that rain and sleeping is one of the best thing in the world. :D

Lily J.

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