Thursday, September 3, 2015

Random Thoughts

I grew up in a kind of conservative family. All my life I was thought to be a good citizen of the world. Hahaha.

I started drinking when I was 21 years old. Of course that's not an issue now. I don't even go out late before, my routine was the typical House-School-House routine. My father would send me bazillion messages if ever I wasn't home by 6PM. Goodness. I can't even deal.

The 'rents wasn't actually strict. They actually let me be the person that I wanna be all those times. I can say that I choose being that kind of girl before. I don't like them getting upset just because of me.

That's kind of different now. I know that I am being too stubborn. I'd stay up late and won't go home unless I needed something from there. I just don't like being there, I feel so alone there. Yes, my parents house is where I should be staying. everything that I needed daily is there as well but what can I do? That house is too big for me. As what I've said, I feel alone there.

I am sorry for whatever I am doing wrong. I feel guilty for causing my parents worry and headache/


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